Melaleuca Inc. –

Melaleuca you can NEVER leave without a Penalty! Idaho Falls, Idaho

For the past two years our family has been purchasing products from the Melaleuca company. Our dear friends introduced us and we figured it would help them as well as us. We liked their cleaning products and we were faithful to order the amount you needed to have every month.
However, I mentioned to my friend that I had a lot of really large medical and car-related bills lately and was fast running out of money and needed to reconsider ordering any extra items in lieu of economizing and rebuilding our savings. My friend encouraged me to do whatever I needed to protect my financial needs and my family.

I proceeded to telephone Melaleuca and explain to them that I was about to fix our vehicle and it would probably cost at least $600.00 leaving me with no extra money. The customer service representative explained that after the 25th of any given month you could not cancel your membership but it would be canceled at the beginning of the following month. (As long as we filled the necessary documents and signed them.) I explained that after we did the car repairs we would not have any money left to order anything! The customer service representative assured me that I could get a coupon and order at a later date. I asked her repeatedly about any automatic back orders charged to my checking account automatically and she assured me this would not happen.

Well, when I saw my checking account at the beginning of July there was a charge from Melaleuca for $53.00 after we had told not to charge us and our vehicle cost us $687.00 leaving us with a negative to cover. I had heard in the past that Melaleuca was a difficult company to part ways with and they make sure you PAY! The customer service supervisor told me that no matter what I had to pay. I told her these practices resembled organized crime. I am complaining to anyone who will listen because it is unfair and a ripoff regardless of product quality! Please don’t charge people when they can’t afford it.

Melaleuca Inc.
3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy.
Idaho Falls Idaho 83402
United States of America

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