Westwood College of Technology – Los Angeles Wilshire

False Advertising – Educational Fraud – Lied by Agents

Company information: Rene Enriquez
Los Angeles, California
United States

Years ago when I was young I decided to speak to a Westwood College of Technology agent.
I was told (in person) that every single Unit aquired at Westwood College of Technology was transferable to the UC:CSU college system in California. That was my selling point so I enrolled. After recieving a poor quality of education from Westwood College I decided I had enough and split wanting to transfer my units and I could not.
Not a single Unit was transferable to a “REAL” COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY or a Community College…trust me I tried.

I honestly don’t blame those colleges for not accepting Westwood’s Units because in reality Westwood is doing Educational Fraud with unqualified instructors that don’t even have certifications or degrees for what they are teaching..

Every student I spoke to said they don’t & cannot leave Westwood because the units are not transferable (in reality they really do want to) and they stay stuck in this lousy college with a pathetic accreditation and a huge bill.

I also asked for help getting a job and they never did. They would send me links for unpaid internships. This is a For-Profit College. They got sued in Texas for this EXACT reason by 60 students that banded together and the students won the lawsuit.

I believe we need to do another lawsuit. Contact me if you do. enriquez.r@gmail.com

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