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We were promised that in 3 months our loan modification would be complete on our first mortgage, then they would start on the 2nd. We were told they would not start until paid in full. My husband pulled out of his 401k and paid them, that was so they could start in April 2011.

We were told we would have daily notifications via phone and mail. Two or more weeks passed, no contact. After I had left several messages I called a different number from their web site and was told the person handling my case was no longer employed with them.

Three months later I’m dealing with someone new who assures me she will keep in contact. A week later I call, no answer and no reply for another three months. This continued for sometime, then my daughter sent them an email speaking of legal action against them. Then I looked up and called a number to someone in management and explained whats been happening.

Shortly after a new rep. called and said my last one was no longer working with them as well. Once again no contact. April 2012 Another call to a top attorney and I receive the same message that they are no longer employed.

This new woman did however begin to do something but I had to write another letter, re-fax documents that they were sent over a year ago. She said all needed paper work was sent to the bank and her job was done.

The bank called and said they were missing several documents. I called our case manager, she said it is now up to us because she closed our case file. When asked about the second mortgage she said to call someone else. I’m still trying to get the paperwork in for the 1st mortgage.

In the beginning I was Told they would start and finish the entire modification and we wouldn’t have to deal with the bank at all including the second mortgage. I’ve never felt more deceived and even violated in some ways.

We are just thankful we went against their advice to STOP paying our mortgage or we wouldn’t have a roof over our heads.

Mortgage law group
Phoenix, Arizona
United States of America

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