7 thoughts on “Presence Quality Control USA ~ Mystery Shopping

  1. Jill Stein says:

    They attempted to scam me, but I intercepted! I signed up for the mystery shopper job via email. A few days later, I received an email stating they accepted me as a shopper and requested my name and address. Today, I received a FedEx mailer at my door with a money order for $977.75 inside- no letter, no explanation, nothing. I was initially excited, but quickly remembered what my mom always taught me- if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The money order appears to be legit, according to the USPS site (proper markings and such). However, the google search revealed numerous articles on postal money order scams. Hmmm. I then searched the company name on the return address, Presence Quality Control. Wow, what a bunch of scam artists. The numerous articles on their scams are filled with stories of how people cashed their money orders and days later they bounced. Thank goodness for the internet, my mom’s voice in the back of my head, and my sceptical nature or I would have been responsible for bounced check fees through my bank that I can’t afford!

  2. abhishek gupta says:

    i have also got same package. i disregarded it so that guy is sending me fbi mail as following-
    Head Office: 3270 E. 17th St. #144, Idaho Falls, ID 83406

    This is regarding the payment that you receive.

    From all indications and explanations it shows that you don’t want to send our

    funds that is in your possession to us.

    Is that you want to run with my money? I have been able to get all your

    information Woking place address, Home address and all of your telephone

    numbers even with some other details.For your information I am a business

    merchant that have done business with various people from different countries

    especially with Americans and I have my way of getting anyone that gets away

    with my money, I mean if i wish to get the FBI branch in Washington gets any

    one that run away with my money It wouldn’t cost me.

    In short,I want you respond with the situation of my money in your possession

    so that i can inform you with the wiring/sending instructions .If you don’t

    respond in 48 hours i’ll assume you want to STEAL my money and i’ll have your

    information passed to the FBI rightaway.

    I am sure you will not want the FBI coming knocking your door, so please

    respond and let me know/have the western union evaluation details as i will be

    on standby.

    With Anticipation,

    No Thanks

    Kat Brenner
    Recruit Executive

    Marie Huntsmann
    Director, Human Recources
    Email: presence.qualitycontrol@gmail.com

    fuck this shit i reported to police.

  3. Debby says:

    I am dealing with this same scam right now. They keep sending me email notices regarding a parcel I am supposed to receive. When I respond telling them it has not arrived they ignore my response and are trying to tell me I will be liable for the parcel. I told them to take me off their data base and opt me out of this scam but they ignore that as well. I am reporting this to the authorities.

    • Jill says:

      The policeman I reported it to told me to block their emails (they use many different addresses), block their phone number (if they’re calling you), and just ignore their empty threats. They will try to intimidate you any way possible, but can’t and won’t do anything to back them up. Just like an annoying brother or sister- ignore them and they will go away 🙂

      • Debby Ginter says:

        Ya I know and I was advised the same. I emailed the Company today and advised them that I have notified the police and any further correspondences would be considered harassment. I don’t think they will bother me any more
        Sent wirelessly from my BlackBerry device on the Bell network.
        Envoyé sans fil par mon terminal mobile BlackBerry sur le réseau de Bell.

  4. lamb.rosemarie@yandex.com says:

    from: Rosemarie Lamb
    reply-to: lamb.rosemarie@yandex.com
    to: Rosemarie Lamb
    date: Sat, Sep 6, 2014 at 4:10 AM
    subject: Lynx Mystery Shopping is Interested in You! #106


    I would like to speak with you in regard to your background and work experience. I have been hired to find qualifying individuals . Based on your credentials, I feel you may be a good fit.

    We are looking for results-oriented individuals for our unique profit recovery service. I am interested in setting up an initial interview with you to discuss this position.

    About Lynx Mystery Shopping

    Being a Mystery Shopper (secret shopper) is an important job – and it’s part-time, paid, and flexible to your schedule. Many of your favorite stores, restaurants and theatres depend on our mystery shoppers to understand more about what is happening in their stores.
    If you’d enjoy earning yourself a little extra cash in your spare time, then doing mystery shops as a Lynx mystery shopper can be fun and rewarding.

    Assignments vary from a meal at a restaurant to shopping while you wait at the airport to counting heads in a theatre before a show.

    Ultimately, your paid efforts will improve customer service experiences for everyone.

    We work with hotels, malls, shopping centers, restaurants and shipping companies, chain stores or independent retailers, large and small.

    We make the difference for your business.

    Our priority: to design and animate the best tool for you that is 100% operational enabling you to motivate and unite your staff around common values and objectives, in particular to win new customers and satisfy current customers and develop loyalty.

    We are currently looking for professional individuals to fill our Mystery Shopper vacancies.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to be considered for this position, reply to this email. I’d be happy to send you a detailed job description, and discuss the opportunities this job offers.

    Thank you,
    Lynx Mystery Shopping

    © Copyright 2014 Lynx Mystery Shopping. All rights reserved.

    Note: You are receiving this e-mail because your resume was posted to one of the many Internet job sites and is listed as active or you had submitted your resume to us.

    If you are not currently seeking employment, or if you would prefer we contact you at some later date, please follow the link below to unsubscribe or to indicate your date of availability.

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