scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT as reports scamalertonline state that the maker of make promises of enchancing your brower so as to narrow your search experience is a bogus claim.

The operators charge a fee in the range of $39.99 – $49.99 for downloadable software.


2 thoughts on “ aka

  1. yourself says:

    scamfraudalert is a bogus website that scrapes ripoff report and claims content as their own. They have no context, and a robot wrote this. So, a big ???? you goes to the owner of this scam website, who rips off other websites and accuses people of ripping off others. Morons.

    • SFA Reporter says:

      scamFRAUDalert have been around since 2005. We report on scams online and do all research work online. We follow the linkage, the evidence and goes where the scam evidence leads us to including all related parties.

      A scam being reported on will automatically get reported on scamFRAUDalert if it adds VALUE to our mission. We will include such scam on our site and investigate it further.

      We believe we had a meeting of minds or some sort of arrangement with ED Magedson of to include a reference links to all materials from ROR. Apparently NOT. We will leave this part of the reply comment AS IS.

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