WHITE MONEY – Same Admin As Wealth4All

WHITE MONEY – Same Admin As Wealth4All

By Pk-power-team | Feb 09, 2013

This HYIP just launched a few days ago now and I’m really excited about this one because it’s run by the

reputable and honest Wealth4All core team member Parker. Wealth4All has been online and running for over

2 year now and it has been one of the biggest programs of 2012. So if you missed out on that, this is your

2nd chance to join a program you can trust!


About White Money:

White Money is a private investment club. We have been trading Forex for well over 7 years now and

developed many Forex robots which we use for automatic trading. We have multiple set ups for varies

marketing conditions. We also trade manually when we find good opportunities.

Next to Forex we trade commodities (gold, silver and oil) but with lower volume. We also invest in

“start-up companies” because of the relatively high RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) on those contracts.


We offer realistic plans for long term income with up to 125% ROI in our top plan. Key elements are


Safety, Stability and Longevity!



Plans: 2.2% – 5% daily; Calender Days

Ref Comm: Direct : 7%

Payment Proc: STP, LR, PM

Server: InMotion protected by DDOSCURE


*Special Promotion*

If you make a deposit before February 25, the admin will give you a 8% bonus! E.g. If you deposit $1000, 

the admin will add another $80 to your deposit.

Please be reminded that this is a HYIP and we all know the risks involved in playing in such programs.

I always do my best in finding out who the admin is and making sure he is trustworthy/experienced enough

to run a program before I recommend it. So make sure you only deposit what you can afford to lose.If you

are interested you can sign up at the link below or if you have any questions please leave a comment and

I’ll get back to you.

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