Liberty Reserve Loan

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contact me on info on how to obtain a loan from a service using
liberty reserve. find my payment proof in the attachment.

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Oceanic Arts

Oceanic Arts (Photo credit: Trader Chris)

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This is a new and money making great Deal, i got this while spamming and will want you also to make a futune which I have made alot from it
and for friends and family before wanting others to make theirs from it:

All you need to have:

*** Open a new Liberty Reserve Account (To open, log on to
http://www.  Liberty  reserve.  com to open)

*** Have a bank Account Here in Nigeria (strictly UBA, Zenith, GTB,
Intercontinental and Oceanic bank Account)
*** Must be Above 18 years of Age

*** You are Expected to obtain a 10 Digits pin code to make a
Registration to be credited with 600USD in your bank account used for
the registration.This takes effect immediately after 2hours of your

Email me on :

or call 08064440876 for better explanation.


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