Loans 4 U today –

scamFRAUDalert continue to see reports of unauthorized ACH consumer alertDebit/Credit transactions to their bank accounts by Loans 4 U today – and

Comments regarding Loans4Utoday
This company took $30.00 out of my account. It appears like they have access to a lot of peoples bank accounts since they are a membership based group of companies that have access to online payday loan applicants data.

2 thoughts on “Loans 4 U today –

  1. Michelle says:

    This is my report on Two months ago I had a $30 charge to my checking account from I called my bank and informed them of a fraudulent charge to my account and they put a freeze on the account but informed me that this company takes people’s bank account information and charges them a fee to try to get them a loan.

    I went through all of my history to check and see if I had went to their website and I hadn’t. I was told by the bank that I would be unable to close the account while the freeze was in place so today I noticed the freeze was lifted because I had another $30 charge from the same company

    This company somehow was able to get my bank account information without me ever applying for a loan through their websites. The only way I can think of is through a trojan virus or other malware downloaded through different websites.

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