F.S. Agent ~ Business Triangle of Solutions ltd

The Purpose of this post is to ALERT you that the job you are about to apply for or may have applied FOR or is CONSIDERING APPLYING FOR is FRAUDULENT.

These job postings are an attempt to lure you into cashing counterfeit checks and have you wire funds via Western Union or MoneyGram. Essentially You Become A Money or RePackage Mule.

The identity of an individual or entity have been stolen along with fund from their bank accounts. You are being recruited to wire transfer these funds either by WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM, into your bank, a DOMESTIC BANK or FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNT

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  2. Money Mule Explained
  3. Protecting Yourself Against Money Mule
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F.S. Agent ~ Business Triangle of Solutions ltd
Financial Support Agent ~ Business Triangle of Solutions ltd

Dear scamFRAUDalert,

Based on your resume on jobsite.co.uk. It’s my pleasure to offer you the post of F.S. Agent with Business Triangle of Solutions Ltd. Starting salary is $27,000+ on an annual basis, plus commission. Benefits: health, life, disability and dental insurance coverage are available after successful completion of 30 days of probationary period.

Job Title for F.S. Agent: You’ll be submitting and receiving funds from our clients, insuring that every transaction is executed in timely manner.

I shall be grateful if you will let me know in writing whether you accept the offer on these terms and conditions, so I can submit some more information about further registration process.

Please reply to this e-mail with your name and position you’re applying for.

Sorry for using Gmail address for communication, the company e-mail address will be provided once you reply to this letter.

Thank You,
D. Parrett
Recruitment Manager

2 thoughts on “F.S. Agent ~ Business Triangle of Solutions ltd

  1. SFA Reporter says:

    The following A records are set to


  2. Tom says:

    Received this from careerbuilder,,.

    We have a new vacancy to recruit a FS Agent. This is a great opportunity for someone who is ready to meet the requirements of a home-based independent agent.

    Successful candidate should have good communication skills and be able to work well both within a firm and independently. The role requires an ability to use initiative when working under pressure and to be able to follow and interpret written tasks. The contractor should have an organized approach to his job, with excellent attention to detail. While qualifications are not obligatory, basic computer knowledge is important (MS Word, Internet).

    You need to have access to a land line or mobile and Internet.

    Your aspirations:
    You work alone but you’re not isolated since you are surrounded by a national network team and dedicated staff at head office.

    What you can expect from our company:

    * We offer quite a high salary for short daily availability.
    * Bonuses according to the results of challenges.
    * Paid vacation.
    * Health and Dental care for you and your family members.
    * We are looking to take the best performers with a view to making you a full-time employee of our staff.

    If you want to work in an environment where customer service is our passion, please write back to present letter

    Donna Anderson
    MESM Limited

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