Capital Direct Lottery Sweepstakes

I was informed by letter on April 19, 2013 that I was a winner of USA Lottery Sweepstakes Million Dollar Drawing. Entry 09-ULSD-9879 was attached to my name and drew the lucky number 01-07-55-45-77 and as a result matched the first 5(5)numbers winning US $250,0000.00. Capital Direct Lottery Sweepstakes has been contracted by the Multi-State Lottery Aassociation.

Enclosed with the letter was a check in the sum of $3,962.96 payable to me provided to help pay taxes, Insurance, Handling and Shipping fees. (At the bottom of the check it stated that two signatures were required over 350,000. Only one signature appeared thereon. The tax amount is $3,000.00.

The Capital Direct Lottery Sweepstakes representative in my area would deliver the $246,848.14 check directly to my door after I completed the claim. The agent’s name is RAY WILLIAMS, Claims Manager, 1-778-714-0801. For security purpose PIN#1009/DRT/USA was assigned to identify me and to quote it every time I call CAPITAL DIRECT LOTTERY SWEEPSTAKES. I HAVE NOT CONTACTED THE AGENT BECAUSE THIS DOES NOT SEEM LEGITIMATE?

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