American Mega-Million Lottery Sweepstakes

The D.A.’s office has announced a fraud alert
Posted on May 09, 2013

The D.A.’s office has announced a fraud alert. In a press release, a scam was detailed after being brought to light by a Lawrence County resident. In the scam known as “American Mega-Million Lottery Sweepstakes,” victims are informed that they are winners of 250 thousand dollars.

A check for several thousand dollars in enclosed. The victim is then instructed to contact a claims manager who in-turn asks a number of questions about banking information in hopes of accessing the account.

The District Attorney’s office is asking that anyone with information or anyone contacted about the scam call their office at 762-7777.

17 thoughts on “American Mega-Million Lottery Sweepstakes

  1. SFA Reporter says:

    Other Names We’ve Identified

    Mega millions Lottery
    MegaMillion Sweepstakes
    Mega Million Sweepstakes
    America Mega Million Lottery Sweepstakes
    Mega Millions Lotto Services
    Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot

  2. Auntrynette Brooks says:

    I received the same letter in the mail today with no return address on envelope. The check enclosed was for $4,690.80 to help pay for taxes.

  3. Debbie says:

    My dad received this letter and a check on an actual legit business check. I e-mailed the company that the check is drawn on so they are aware of their name being involved in the scam.

  4. rosemary fischer says:

    rosy I received the same check and spoke with ‘claims manager’ who advised me to deposit the check & call him back. I’m grateful for this I never play ‘get rich schemes’.

  5. Frank says:

    Hi my name I Frank I just receive a check from the America Mega Million Lottery for 5,200.00 asking for me to deposit it and then call him back so I called him back and told him I had deposit the check but, I really didn’t and he told me a representative would call me back the check is from a company Primerica Life Insurance but this is the number im suppose to call back 1(778-707-0509) ask for Josh Parker

  6. Linda says:

    I too, received a letter with no return address. It was a check from Primerica Life Insurance for America Mega Million Lottery Sweepstakes. I kind of get the feeling it may have to do with another fraudulent internet company I pissed off. This online weight loss fitness company took my money before I “confirmed” with my credit card. There was a 60 day money back gaurantee from the start. I tried to get my money back as I didn’t want it to begin with. Since there was no phone number, they ignored most of my emails. They finally sent me a phony email saying ClickBank in Idaho would refund my money, which never did. I kept bugging them saying this is fraud and suddenly I am pounded with all of these calls from Jamacia saying I won 600,000 and then get this scam with a check for $4,960 from the Mega company. That online company was called: Venus Index Systems. No idea if there is any correlation but sure seemed like interesting timing for me to get all of this scamming. Also, many of these scams have the numbers 9 and 6 in them somewhere. Not sure why.

  7. Ann says:

    My mother received a letter with no return address. At her request, I opened the envelopment to read the correspondence from “America Mega Million Lottery Sweepstakes” stating that “…You have therefore won $350,000.00.”

    Also, enclosed was a check with the name Progressive Insurance and PNC Bank from Indianapolis for $4,660.00 that was dated June 25, 2014. The explanation for the check is to pay taxes, insurance, handling and shipping fees.

    In addition, the letter states, “It remains in your best interest to claim this money prize”…with instructions to call the claims manager Josh Parker at 1-647-707-8087. Full of skepticism, I went on-line to check to determine if PNC Banks exist, and they do.

    However, when I initiated a search for America Mega Millions, I saw several sites stating that this so called company is a SCAM! I do not understand how such deceitful scam artists are not apprehended and sentenced to prison for stealing from unsuspecting American people, especially the elderly. My mother is blessed that she avoided becoming another victim!
    Thanks for allowing people to post on this site.

  8. Dail says:

    I too received a letter from American Mega Lottery along with a check in the amount of 3,950.00 drawn on Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, 5975 Castle Creek, Parkway, Indiana, 46250-4340. I am well aware of these scam artists, so did not respond.

  9. Wm Osburn says:

    I got a “legit” check from US Bank, Atlanta, GA to help cover costs. I went to a US Bank location and they checked the account. It was bogus! The check itself was drawn on US Bank check paper with legit watermarks and other security features. I ran a search on the company and there was no info for that company at that address provided so I suspected a scam.

    DO NOT fall for this scam! Report it to the bank or Federal Trade Commission. We have mail fraud and bank fraud here for starters, not to mention the scam itself. I left the info with US Bank so they could go after the scammer. These people need to go to jail! Scum of the earth to prey on people like that.

  10. deb frampton says:

    I received a check for $6,650 with same contact info as above… Josh Parker 1 647 0663 When I did a reverse number look up it said the number was legit and low threat of scam. Most people will be suspicious from the beginning but it is so upsetting to know that there are innocent people that will fall for it.

  11. Deb Williamson says:

    Received letter today form American Mega Lottery Payment with a Las Vegas and London address for $450000 winnings and a check for $6950 from company named Salt River Electric out of Bardstown, KY for taxes and insurance

  12. Mary says:

    I received the same check today. Drawn on BMI Broadcast music, Inc. For $6750.00, to pay $5,300 for taxes. And they will have someone in my area will deliver the rest. From USA Mega Million lottery sweepstakes. Claims manager Josh Parker, #647-570-7074

  13. William Jacobs says:

    My wife received a check for $6850 drawn on Valley National Bank of Bloomfield, NJ, to cover $5500 in taxes. There was no return address on the envelope. The U.S. address for the firm is given as 578 Mesquite Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89101. The infamous Josh Parker is to be contacted “immediately after receiving this document to activate your check and start the claims process”. The number for “Josh” is “1-437-777-0180”. I guess he keeps moving! Folks, we can’t possibly all be winners. This has to be a scam.

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