Is Maria Duval Honest?

According to reports online, Astrologer/Psychic Maria Duval is the pseudonym of Carolina Maria Gambia. She has a son Antoine Palfroy who is married as Dominique Crosseti, together she had got three girls, Morgan, Isaure and Solène.

She was the owner of Astroforce until it sold 1997 to Health Tips Ltd in Hongkong (now Harmonie Ltd). Astroforce is Maria Duval.

Over the years, scamFRAUDalert have logged several complaints about Maria Duval, Destiny Research Group and Destiny Research Center practices. It appears like they are marketed by the same group that places advertisement in local news papers as well as online.

Apparently there are people in our society that believe in Psychic power. Nancy Reagan comes to mind. But that’s about it. It’s a fancy.

Consumers have complained regarding receiving letters and e-mails regarding READING requesting $9.95 for some reading or winning lottery numbers with the blessing of psychic powers of Maria Duval. This is a scam.

They target those who have lost love ones or those who are in a state of depression.

Destiny Research Center
1285 Baring Blvd. #411
Sparks , Nevada USA

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