DFI Loan Modification Cases

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions listing of Loan Modification Cases.Wash- DofFinance

1.C-09-482| Richman and Associates, Inc. Los Angeles CA
2. C-10-390| Kramer & Kaslow Calabasas CA
3.C-10-393 |Prodigy Law Group Irvine CA
4. C-10-405| Noah Savings Mortgage Westminster CA
5. C-11-0807 |The Mortgage Modification Center Tucson AZ
6. C-11-0857| Hope for Families & Paul, Denise Orangevale CA
7. C-11-0864| Wholesale Rates and Tony Oh Everett WA
8. C-11-0866| H & R Financial Services Rancho Cucamonga CA
9. C-12-0912| Janian and Associates Glendale CA
10. C-12-0931| Integrity Mortgage and Credit Solutions, Inc. Tampa FL
11. C-12-0973| Philip J. Danielson, Philip Danielson, LLC Draper UT
12. C-12-0979| Sunbelt Fidelity Corporation Houston TX
13. C-12-0984| The Alia Law Group Philadelphia PA
14. C-12-1028| Lisa K. Roach d/b/a Financial Loan Center Newport Beach CA
15. C-12-1043| William D. Goodrich Irvine CA
16. C-12-1044| Brit Sales and Investments, LLC Boynton Beach FL
17. C-12-1045| National Freedom Group a/k/a Hardship Center Irvine CA
18. C-12-1048| American Home Relief Foundation Lewes DE
19. C-12-1090| Consumer Attorney Services/McCann Law Group Jacksonville FL
20. C-12-1092| JCL and Associates Scottsdale AZ
21. C-12-1094| National Help Center Law Group Glendale CA
22. C-12-1103| RMA Legal Network Hauppauge NY
23. C-13-1142| Atlantic Mutual, LLC & Brandon Buck Belleair Beach FL
24. C-13-1148| Homestead Law Firm; O’Mahoney, Denis Corona Del Mar CA
25. C-13-1157| Carrera, Yair d/b/a Retention Services Hemet CA
26. C-13-1160| My State Processing & David Young Las Vegas NV
27. C-13-1166| Top Legal Advocates Detroit MI
28. C-13-1176| Interstate Law Group Las Vegas NV
29. C-13-1183| Porter Law Center LLC d/b/a Porter Law Center Mount Pleasant SC
30. C-13-1185| HRProcessing.Org Downey CA
31. C-13-1199| Law Offices of Timothy P. McCabe Lake Worth FL
32. C-13-1208| W.T. Lee & Associates, LLC and Wilford T. Lee San Diego CA

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