Law Enforcement Affairs ~

This individual Michael King aka Michael W. King aka Wayne Michael King aka Mike King aka MikeKingUSA and his BPO operators [Business Process Outsourceing] are a threat to society. His fascination with Guns and Law Enforcement is a direct threat to us all.

His ONLINE ACTIVITIES SHOULD NOT GO UNNOTICED by AUTHORITIES in both Florida, North Carolina and the FEDS with headlines like the one below:

Oklahoma Police Find Revolver In Woman’s Vagina

Sites We’ve Identified Associated With This Individual

  1. Potential Predators ~
  2. The Online Predators Watch ~
  3. Predators Watch ~
  4. Communication Unlimited ~ North Carolina
  5. Elite Consulting Services USA ~
  6. Potential Prostitutes ~
  7. Bad Renter Report ~
  8. Mike King ~ MikeKingUSA.COM
  9. Wiki Warnings ~
  10. Warning Notice ~
  11. Omega Enterprises USA ~
  12. Law Enforcement Association ~
  13. Warning Notice ~
  15. Mike King Enterprises
  16. Law Enforcement Affairs ~
  17. Bad Renter Report ~

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