Omega Enterprises USA ~

Our investigation revealed that is own and operated by scamalertOmega Enterprises USA ~ who we believe also operate, and appears to be the owner behind the sites listed below.


This individual is a mugshot operator with a business model that includes harvesting of public records for EXTORTION and BLACKMAILING purposes.

  1. Registrant Contact Information:
    Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.
    P.O.Box 770482
    Miami Florida 33177
    United States
  2. Corporate Info
    100 South Biscayne Boulevard
    Miami, Florida 33131
    Phone: (888) 658.0994
    FAX: (888) 658.0994
  3. Wiki Warnings – North Carolina
    3110 Hidden Pond Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27613
  4. Sales Inquiries
    Phone: (888)658-0994
  5. Elite Consulting Services
    Store Address
    PO Box 770482
    Miami, FL 33177
    Phone Number: (305)610-3581

CorporationWiki ~ Companies at this address:
PO Box 770482 Miami, FL 33177
Gleam Auto Body Shop, Inc.


About Us

Tab #1 Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. software development company is the web and mobile application development services division. Today, the Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. company team has grown to about 100 people working together to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction while also helping each business or company achieve their unique needs.
Tab #2 We are a professional services software development company and provide IT Consulting service to other companies. More specifically, Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. provides software development service, i.e develop software for other companies. Within years of entering the information technology industry, Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. has gained exceptional experience in agile software development, software integration, technical support and maintenance, web application development and other programming services for big and small companies.

Tab #3The following competitive advantages allow our company to offer better quality of service to our customers:

Agile MethodologiesWe follow agile software development methodologies at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.. These are modern methodologies which evolved along with web technologies and to specifically well suited with web application development. They enable short development cycles and delivery of working software on early stages of software projects, as early as 1 month after start even for big  projects.

Expert Developers

The staff at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. is well trained certified developers with expert knowledge in relevant technologies and proven experience.

Risk Free Project Execution

At Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. we offer customers to create a high fidelity prototype of the software instead of writing long and complex specifications. As a result risk of miscommunication about software features and functions is greatly reduced and customer satisfaction with our company increases.


We offer convenient service.

  • We have company local representatives who are there for customers to assist them and streamline communication.
  • We adjust our working hours to fit with customer’s schedule at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc..
  • We have automated project tracking and reporting system accessible for customers at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc..
  • We offer flexible payment methods and contract terms at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc..


At Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. we help our customers to create innovative software products. The team in our company consists of experienced Product Managers, Business Analysts and can bring creative ideas about software product features and capabilities and make sure that software is user friendly and easy to use.

Total Solutions

We enhance our core service with complementary services to provide total solutions to companies. Our company provides creative design, hosting, support and maintenance for applications Omega develops.

Quality Guarantee

For all applications we develop at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. we offer “no defects” guarantee. If any defects found we will fix them free of charge.

Success Record

We have record of successful projects at Omega Enterprises USA, Inc..

Contact us and start your successful project with Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. software development company!

Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.® Management Team

Thought Leaders in Software Development

Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. management team has the business and technical experience that develops and builds cutting-edge software developing and services.

Michael King, Chief Executive Officer

Michael King is President and CEO of Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. Mr. king has extensive experience in leading and building businesses in the wireless industry.MikeandAdrianaKing Before joining the Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. team, he served as Managing Member of a business consulting company Elite Consulting Services.

While at Elite, Mr. King was responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of key programs and policies supporting Elite’s local and national third party indirect channels. Prior to this role, he served as the Area of auditor with United States Government, a high profile position where he had full responsibility over fraud and government waste.

Mr. King is a graduate of Purdue University, with a Bachelor of Science and holds a Master of Arts in civil/criminal law. He also participated in several internships and government training which landed him where he is at today.

Jennifer Pedraza aka Jennifer Adriana King, Vice President

For over 12 years, Ms. Pedraza managed a prestigious law firm located in Coral Gables, Florida and would eventually become Vice President of Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. Her legal expertise has provided Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. with an amazing edge over our competitors in providing consulting services. Our clients have the option to hire our firm to take care of any and all problems that may come about.

Ms. Pedraza’s education and expertise, has allowed Omega to explode onto the software world.

Kristie Leigh, Project Manager

Kristie Leigh is the Vice President of Sales for Omega Enterprises USA, Inc. Ms. Leigh brings strong leadership in developing and executing an integrated channel strategy to the team from her extensive experience in leading and building indirect distribution in the wireless industry. She is responsible for the growth and overall success of the sales team.

Before joining Omega Enterprises USA, inc., Ms. Leigh served as the West Region General Manager for Omega, a wireless Internet start up. Prior to Omega, she served in director level roles for almost all distribution channels at Sprint Nextel, where she managed channels at the field, market, and region levels.

Ms. Leigh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications from Notre Dame University. She also participated in the Strategy Business Leadership Certificate program at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

Omega Enterprises USA, Inc.

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