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IC3 Warns of Criminals Using Mug Shots to Extort Victims

IC3 Logo (Large)The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has received hundreds of complaints from individuals claiming to have found their mug shots posted on various websites. Some of these individuals have stated they were juveniles at the time of their arrests and their records were sealed—and therefore not available to the public. Others have said that the information posted was either incorrect or blatantly false.

When victims requested that the photos be removed from the sites, they were asked to provide copies of their driver’s licenses, court records, and other personal identifying information—putting them at risk for identity theft. They were also told they had to pay a fee…but even then, some pictures were not removed—or if they were taken off one site, they were then posted to a similar site. If victims threatened to report the websites for unlawful practice, the websites’ owners threatened to escalate the damaging information against the victims. If you’ve had a similar experience, please file a complaint at

This individual harvests public records for EXTORTION and BLACKMAILING purposes. He has an obsession with Law Enforcement

About Me

My name is Michael King, [] and I began my career by earning a Criminology Degree at Vincennes University located in Vincennes, Indiana. During my MikeandAdrianaKingstay at Vincennes University, I became a member of the Law Enforcement Association where I attended several seminars and training courses regarding white collar crime.

I continued my academic pursuits in earning an additional degree in Pre Law from Purdue University. After working as an Officer with the Starke County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana, I made my move to Miami, Florida in 1998.

I worked for two years as an Insurance Fraud Investigator and then as a Legal Specialist with the Office of the State Attorney.

I then further pursued a career as an Investigator with the state with the adult crimes division. After serving nearly five years with adult crimes, I was promoted to an Investigator with the Office of Inspector General working directly under the Governor of the state of Florida in 2006.

After working for the Office of Inspector General, I accepted a position of investigator with the Florida Department of Agriculture. It was here that I learned of businesses supporting the state through fines which were issued by the Department including myself.

Millions of dollars a year are given to the state by Florida businesses due to the lack of knowledge, mismanagement, language barrier, and negligence on behalf of the government.

Our goal is to aid Florida businesses that are regulated by the government and above all, those who have fell victim to the governments money motivated inspections. It is our belief that the government should obtain their monies through means other than through hard working Florida business owners.

  • Florida Department of Agriculture New Policy
    October 27, 2010 | 7:18 amNumber of View: 2772The Florida Department of Agriculture has a new policy. If your business requires a license from the Florida Department of Agriculture you will need to read this. If you forget to renew your license on (example) May 1, 2010,on May 2, 2010 your fine will be mailed to your business. The average
  • Miami Dade Police Inspection LBT
    October 25, 2010 | 2:32 amNumber of View: 2956Miami Dade Police are currently making rounds to unsuspected businesses who have failed to renew their Local Business Tax (LBT) licenses. Most people think that this is simply another license to hang on the wall, and if you are one of these who believe this you are in for a rude awakening.

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1-888 343-6820

Elite Consulting Services USA, is a unique consulting company. We are pioneers in our field as there are no other business that offer the same services and protection that our firm offers. Our company is compiles of several different professionals such as, former investigators, paralegals, engineers, architects, to name a few. The majority of our work is from referrals which tells us that we are doing something right. We have clients in nearly every state, and a few abroad. We take great pride in what we do, and most of all, we enjoy protecting your business.

What we stand for is simple respect, professionalism, and accountability. We believe that these three ingredients should be present when conducting a business. When I mention respect, professionalism, and accountability, I am describing how a government official and or office should act. Too many times have I witnessed a government agency bullying a small business for no cause other than to express their “power.’ Let me be the first to say, this is going to stop. No more exploiting small businesses for fines, no more surprise “inspections”, no more corrupt government.

My office works in conjunction with some of the top law firms that Florida has to offer. We are dedicated to ensure that all of our clients are taken care of and treated with respect and integrity.

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  1. SFA Reporter says:

    UPDATE: We are now seeing online that the site resides on the following servers
    The following A records are set to and are associated with Scott Breitenstein of Dayton, OH. Read more about him at this link

    Below are the list of websites we have identified associated with
    Scott Breitenstein.

  2. Eric says:

    Predators watch is blackmailing me. He is ask8by 100.00 for removal. I report daily to the FBI internet crimes website. I will continue until they shut it down.

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