Economic Frauds ~

scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT and warn investors that are consumerALERTvictims of offshore investment firms to be on the look out for Economic Fraud Reports online allege that victims are contacted by representatives of Economic Fraud asking them if they would be interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against the allege firm. If yes, they are ask to pay a monetary fees to participate in such class action lawsuit. Other sites associated with this group:

  1. People Alliance Corp –
  6. Citi Capital Partnership –
  8. Phoenix Cooper Financial –

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  1. SFA Reporter says:

    The list below appears to be the same as the Financial Services Authority FSA of UK.

    Abacus Financial Management
    Abbotts Investment Group (clone)
    Abel Myers Consulting
    ABD World Group
    Abdul Ali Mohammed
    Able International
    Abney Associates
    ACE Financial
    Access Broker Incorporated
    Accredited Global Services Group (clone)
    ACM Gold
    ACT Transfer Services
    Acumen Bank LTD
    Addlerley Davis & Associates Ltd
    ADIBUK Group Corporation
    Advice Consultants (clone)
    Advice Europe (Clone)
    AIFA Golbal Market
    AJ Wyman & Associates LLC
    Akaishi Global
    ALAFX Markets Limited
    Alan Charles KING (clone)
    Alfred Bergam
    Alliance Bond (Clone)
    Alliance Capital Group
    Alliance Finance Plc
    Alliant Holdings I Inc
    Allianz Global Investors (clone)
    Allianz International Group
    Alpen Rssourcen Sparkassa
    Alpha Connect Capital GmbH (clone)
    Alpha Consulting Group
    Alpha Corporate Consultants LTD
    Alpha Fund Management (clone)
    Apollo Asset Management HK
    Appleton Associates
    Altainvest / Ecominvest (clone)
    Alvaro Gombau Asesores Empresariales
    Atlantic Mutual International Ltd (clone)
    Atlas Consultancy Ltd
    AMPIYAS-StatusGold Consultancy
    Andrew Scott
    Anderson Franklin Sullivan (clone)
    Andrew Warner Associates (clone)
    Aomori Group
    AOT Europe (clone)
    AOT Stock Specialist (clone)
    Aozora Alliance
    Aros Securities (clone)
    Arrow Merger Consultants
    AFS Partners (clone)
    Apex Capital Partners ​
    Apollo Global Securities LLC (Clone)
    Ascot Energy Services
    Ascot Management Services Ltd
    ASG Markets
    Ashdown Camberly Transfer Services
    Ashford Financial Group
    Asia Acquisitions Group
    Asian Capital Group
    ASIANA FX Limited
    Asia Pacific Commodity Futures Association
    Assured Acquisitions Group
    Atlantic International Partnership
    Alpha Consulting Group
    Atlas Consultancy
    Atlas Wealth Management Ltd
    ATM Capital
    Austin Claymore LP
    Austrian Futures Options Trading
    Avalon Consultants Ltd
    AWI Financial Group – Hong Kong
    A.Warner Associates (clone)
    AVI Trading & Corporate Transfer Service
    AVI Vermogensberatung
    BAC Forex
    Baker & Bains
    B & T Brokers (clone)
    Balanced Securities Plannings Inc (clone)
    Bancanz Private Banking Group
    Banc de Binary
    Banner Partners (clone)
    Bank Monarch Limited
    Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild (clone)
    Barclay Trust International
    Baron International Transfers
    Barvetii Wealth Consultants
    B Cooke Limited
    B Cooke Ltd
    Bear Earning Inv
    Beaumont, Greene & Partners !
    Beihai International Group
    Belgian Commodities and Futures Exchange
    Belgian Financial Services Agency
    Bellview Financial
    Benda Finance
    Bentall Kennedy (clone)
    Bergmann & Co. International
    Better Investment Bureau
    BCF Bankorp / BCF Banker Plus /
    BCF International Capital S.A / BCF Consulting
    Bingham Consulting Group (clone)
    Blake Capital Partners
    Blanka Nova (Clone)
    BI Asset Management (clone)
    Bluestone Investment Strategies
    Black River Asset Management (clone)
    Blackstone Royalty Corporation
    BlueCrest Beacon Fund (Clone)
    BlueCrest Capital Management (clone)
    BlueCrest Wealth (Clone)
    Blue Ridge Financial Group
    Blue Ridge Capital Partners
    BL Trading Group
    BMI Financial Solutions
    BMC Investment Group
    Bond Asset Management
    Bradford Securities LLC (clone)
    Bradley Associates
    Brady and Bell Acquisition Ltd
    Bramwell & Kent Consultants LLC
    Brant Fletcher Trust Management
    Bridgestone Global Partners
    BridgeWay Corporate Management
    Brightbridge Wealth Management
    British Credit Bank
    Boston Acquisition Group
    Bowie Aram Ltd
    BP Holdings – Madrid / Hong Kong
    Bankhurst Securities
    Brasrec LLC
    BRM International
    Brookmore Partners – Geneva
    Browell Limited
    Brown and Wenger Consultancy Firm
    Brunel Asset Management
    Burlington Corporate Management
    Business Intelligence
    Butler Investments (clone)
    BVI Financial Services
    Cais Capital LLC
    Caixa Bancaja
    Campbell Alexander Financial Services Group – HK
    note: verification in process
    Campbell Alexander Limited – Hong Kong
    Campbell Massey Asset Management
    Campell Stewart Advisory
    Campbell Merger Solutions
    Cantata Equity Management LLC
    Cantor INDEX (clone)
    Cantor UK (clone)
    Capital Alliances Ltd (clone)
    Capital Arc Holdings
    Capitol Acquisition Management Inc
    Carbon Credit Active Limited
    Carbon Wealth Advisors
    Carillion Asset Management
    Carlson Group Consultancy
    Carlton Capital Inc (clone)
    Casino VR Inc.
    Cayman Asset Management
    Center Finance Management
    Central & Eastern European Markets
    Centro Holdings – Hong Kong
    CDC Securities Limited
    Chan, Harris, Lee & Partners
    Charted Capital Management
    Charles Pearson Investments Int
    Cheval Bridging Finance Ltd Markets (clone)
    Chesterfields Lyons
    Credit Efficiency United Ekonomisk
    Christian Lavigne
    Churchills Mergers and Acquisitions
    Citilife Financial (clone)
    Citywide Associates
    CIB Malta PLC
    Claybourne Group
    Claymore Capital
    Cohen & Levy Associates
    Collway Investments and Funds
    Corolla Financial
    Corporate One Asset Management
    Commodity Futures Hong Kong
    Compass Financial Management (Clone)
    Confoederatio Helvetica D.F.E.
    Connors Thompson Reed
    Consolidated Credit Bank Ltd. (Clone)
    Continental Private Equity LLC
    Cooper Company Management
    Cooperman, Lippmann & Kurtz
    Couture Consulting Group Ltd
    Courtiers Investment Services Ltd (clone)
    Crawford Capital Partners
    Credi Corp Securities
    Credible Solutions Inc
    Cromwell Finance Group
    Cohen Corporate Consulting
    CP Hodgson Limited / CLL Trading (Clone)
    Cruse & Associates
    CT Lambson and Associates
    Daiwa Holdings Financial
    Dant and Company LLC
    Davidson Capital Partners (clone)
    Dawson White Trust / DW Trust
    Days of Gold Company Ltd
    DB Invest (clone)
    Decker Investors Corporation
    Delta Continental – Hong Kong
    Denham Ogilivie
    Delacour Investments
    DENKO group
    Department of Financial Trading – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Department of Securities Trading – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    De Vere Private Equity
    DFB Fast Property Sale
    DFB Housing Solutions
    Dietrich and Sohn London
    Direct Brokers Invest (clone)
    Direct Brokers Investments (clone)
    Di-La et Thalia Assurances
    Direct Capital Connection
    Douglas & Gardner
    Dragon International
    Drake and Childs
    Drake and Childs Global Transfers
    Drake Merger Management
    DSF Management Financial Planning LTD
    DT Processing (clone)
    Dynamic Wealth Management
    East Fund Management
    Easton Consultancy Advisory Firm
    Eaton Capital Americas
    ECN Brokers LLC / ECN Brokers Direct
    Ecominvest / Altainvest (clone)
    Eden Management Partners
    Edward Jones Group
    EFG Associates
    Eldridge Financial
    Elite Bank Group
    Elliott and Laurence Consultancy Group
    Elkin & Associates LLC (clone)
    Ernest Weiss Securities
    EMG Capital Group – Hong Kong
    Endeavour Mergers and Acquistions
    Equinox Ventures Corporation
    Equities Trading Commission – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    ESIP Finance (clone)
    ESPA Financial (clone)
    etoile Consulting Group
    EU Association Futures Options Traders
    Eurasia Wealth Services
    Eureka Management Consulting
    Euro American (clone)
    Eurocapital Trading (clone)
    EuroConsult International Mergers & Acquisitions Ltd (clone)
    Euro Marine Energy
    European Consumer & Business Protection Agency – ECBPA (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    European Financial Fraud Centre – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    European United Brokers (clone)
    European Value Partner Advisors (clone)
    Encarta Fine Wines Ltd
    Equity Financial Services Inc (clone)
    Everbright Tech Traders
    EverGreen Universal
    EVV Group
    EWS Group
    Excel Brokers Ltd (clone)
    Excel Sales Recruitment
    Fairview Accounting Services
    Fairway Associates – Hong Kong
    Falcon Finanz
    Farland Investment Limited
    Faxtor Securities (clone)
    Federal Asset Management NY
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (clone)
    Federal Recapitalization Fund – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Feinler Management Group
    Ferrell and Associates
    Ferrer Invest
    Fenton Power International
    FCV Broker (clone)
    Fibonacci International Hong Kong
    FIMB International Remittance Bank
    Finance International UK
    Financial Commerce Commission – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Financial Investment Group Spain
    Finanz Profi CH Ltd
    Financial Commerce Commission – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Financial Solution Blackstone
    Finance Your Dream Ltd
    First American Trust Co (clone)
    First Call Group
    First Geneva Wealth Management
    First Private Equity Group
    First Swiss
    Fisher Capital Management
    Flaaten Invest AS
    Focus Point Capital
    Forensic Review
    Fortress Investment Group (Clone)
    Fox World Market
    Frankfurt Capital Group
    Franklin Rankin LLC
    4 XCELLENT Limited
    Frandistrans Group
    Franz Watermann AG
    Frontier Investment LLP (clone)
    FLT Solutions LLC
    Furnari Levine LLP
    Futuro Financial
    FX Newton Financial Group
    FX Newton Trading
    G & K Trust Limited
    Gas Natural Recovery
    Gaston Capital Group
    GBTRADE International
    Geine Oil and Gas Corporation
    Genesis Transfer Group
    Geneva Commodities SA
    Genevieve Asset Management
    Gencore Corporate Consulting | GCC
    Gerrard Investment Management (Clone)
    Gideon Wahrburg
    Giga Invest
    Giles and Hochman Consulting
    Glenn Stephen Edwards (clone)
    Global Acquisitions Regulators
    Global Analytical Solutions
    Global Assets Management LLC
    Global Asset Traders Inc.
    Global Broker (clone)
    Global Direct Equities LLC (clone)
    Global Equities Capital Markets
    Global Financial Department
    Global Financial Product (clone)
    Global Finance Regulators
    Global Fund
    Global Investments Ltd
    Global Investment Partners (clone)
    Global Investment Group
    Global Investor Alerts
    Global Mergers Corporation
    Global Plus Inversiones S.A. (GPI)
    Global World Mergers and Acquisitions – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Gloucester & Stern Inc
    GMC Europe (clone)
    GNB Investments Finance LLC
    Gold Bridge Capital Inc (clone)
    Goldentech Entertainment Software Inc.
    Goldhill Associates
    Gold West Group
    Golden Wealth Group
    Goldman & Lyle Consulting Group
    Goldman Sachs International (clone)
    Goldwater Global Management
    Gordon Group Services
    GP Markets Limited (Clone)
    GPG England
    Great Britain Martial Arts Association
    Great Southern Investment (clone)
    Great Wall M & A
    Green Carbon Direct Limited
    Greenbird Financial
    Greenbull Investment Partners
    Greenfield Insurance Services (clone)
    Greenfield Securities Limited
    Greenwood Capital Advisors
    Greenwood Global
    Green Investment Services
    Greenwyn M&A
    Grosvenor Capital Advisors
    Group Financial Global
    Groupe Alliance
    Grupo Financiero Orion S.L.
    GTS Provident Corporation Limited (clone)
    Gulfway Investments Limited
    Halifax Capital (clone)
    Hamilton and Pricehouse Consultancy
    Hamilton Davis Group
    Hammond Global Solutions LLC
    Hang Seng International Transfers
    Hannover & Rothchild Consultancy
    Harami Consultores S L
    Harbor Trading – Japan
    Harris James Associates
    Harrison-Stoltz & Associates
    Harris Trust Private Wealth Management
    Harvard Alliance
    HB Group SA
    Heckart Associat es LLC
    Helm Capital (clone)
    Hexagon Financial (clone)
    Hicend International Trading Group
    Hollerman & Company LLC
    Holy Cross Green
    Hong Kong Options Exchange
    Howard Gary & Company
    Hudson Munroe
    Hunton & Partners Consultancy
    Hypo Venture Capital Zurich
    IBG & Associates
    ICEXL – Int. Commodities Exchange of London
    ICS Associates Inc – Shanghai
    Icon Financial Partners
    IMG Asset Management
    Imperial Capital Partners LLC
    Index Mergers and Acquisitions
    Info Direct Marketing
    ING Investment Management (clone)
    Ingestra Capital SL
    Intax Kikia
    Integral Commodities Incorporated
    Integrated Tax
    Interactive Trade
    International Bureau Trade Commission- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Dealers Association Asia- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Equity Regulation Department- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Escrow Service
    International Financial Trading Commission- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Market Regulation Commission- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Mergers & Acquisitions Administration- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Mergers & Acquisitions Authority- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Merger Services Group / IMS
    International Investor Protection Coalition ​ (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Securities Authority – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Trading Board- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Transfer Supervision Department- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    International Venture Capital Inc
    IRS Clearing Consultancy
    Insurance Easy
    Investec Asset Management Ltd. (Clone)
    Invest Tech FX
    Irwin Mitchell (clone)
    Isaac Capital Management
    Isis Capital Management Limited (clone)
    I Taxation
    ITG Forex
    Ivory Dome Securities
    Jacobs & Keller
    Jacobs and Partners LLC
    Jeffrey A Cook, Attorney at Law (clone)
    Jenning Strouss & Salmon (clone)
    Jennings & McBride
    JM Financial Services Ltd. (Clone)
    Johnson McQuade Acquisitions Corporation
    Jones Capital
    J.P.R. Capital Corp (clone)
    JURA Financial
    Kaiser Young Associates
    Kaluss Holdings Limited
    Kaplan & Phillimore Associates
    Kent Capital Ltd
    Kenzo Group
    Kepler Capital Markets (clone)
    Kessler and Partners
    Kirayaka International
    Knightsbridge Advisors
    Knightsbridge Transfer
    Knowlton Group
    ​Knox D’Arcy Investment Management Ltd (clone)
    Korea Mercantile Exchange, KRMEX
    KPH Consulting Group (clone)
    KPR Associates
    Kubitz, Gold & Chubb
    L&KK Private Lending Firm
    Lakepointe Capital Advisors
    Lakeshore Private Equity
    Lakeshore Private Equity LLP
    Larsson Group
    Lavenkov Capital Partners
    Lawson Knight Group
    Lear Capital Group
    Lefroy Hudson
    Lehman Reilly
    Leighton International
    Leighton High Income Fund
    Le Mont Capital Partners
    Leroy Philips Consulting
    Lexicon Mergers and Acquisitions
    LGT FX International Group (HK) Co., Ltd.
    Liberty Investors Protection Agency- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Lifetime Value Mortgage Services Ltd
    Lima Resource Partners Inc
    Litmus Capital Management Group
    Lincon & Carter Associates
    Litmus Capital Management Group
    LJF Asesores, S.L
    Linda & Katherine Krueger Loan Firm
    London Acquisition Group
    London Gold Commodities Exchange
    Lux Investment Group
    Luxor Alliance
    Luxor Trade LLP
    Luyesteiner Swiss Private Bank
    Magnis Global
    Mako Global Market
    Mane Capital Markets
    Manhattan Capital Corp – Hong Kong
    Manhattan Corporate Transfers
    Manhattan Transfer
    Mason-Kent Partners
    Massaki, Lane & Associates
    Mastela Construction Limited
    Master Life Securities (clone)
    Mathews Merger Management
    Maxwell Consultancy Limited
    Mercator Amalgamated
    Meyer Coleman
    MC Trading
    Mediacred AG
    Media Transfers Limited
    Mercatrading Inversiones
    Mercer and Associates Limited
    Mercury Global Acquisitions Inc
    Mergers and Acquisitions Regulatory Board- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Mergers & Acquisitions Supervision & Administration Commission (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Merkel Financial, Inc
    MetCap Securities LLC
    Meyer Coleman
    MHH Associates
    Miami International Bank Limited
    Michael John Hammond (clone)
    Micron Associates
    Midas Capital Group
    Millennium Capital Management (Clone)
    Miller Counsulting Group
    Miller Winston
    Milestone AMG
    Mitchell Berry Consultancy
    Mitsubishi Finance (clone)
    MMM 2011
    MM Institutional Advisors
    Moe Securities
    Momentum Securities (clone)
    Monarch Wealth Consultants
    Money Management AG
    Mont-Bec Asset Management
    Montgomery Roth International
    Morgan Brookes Futures
    Morgan Stanley & Co. Int. Plc (clone)
    Morgan Philips Consulting
    Morris Mergers Consultants
    Morrison Capital Group
    Mount Rock Capital (clone)
    MTC Global Financial Services Group
    Mullen and Cheecks Consulting Group
    Murray Merger Group
    Münzberg & Partner
    My Pension Cash
    NAB Securities Inc.
    Nagoya Corp
    National Fraud Center
    National Futures Securities Commission- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    National Remedy Center | Law Firm
    N.A.V. Group Limited
    Netdeal Club
    Newcastle Distributors
    New England Private Equity
    New Dynamic Group
    New Lines Futures Austria
    Newton Smith Associates
    Next Commodities Co Ltd
    Niigata Global Wealth Management
    Northern Capital (clone)
    Northern Trust Global Services Ltd (clone)
    Nova Portfolio Management (clone)
    Nova UK Limited (clone)
    New Zealand International Savings and Loans Ltd NZISL
    Ocean International Ltd
    Office of the International Claims Commission (ICC)- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Offshore Accounts Department of Treasury- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Offshore Securities Commission- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Offshore Taxation Ltd
    Off Utt Securities Inc (clone)
    Omega Trading
    Omega Trading Group
    Omnicorp Development
    One Global Management
    Online Earning
    Opes Capital Inc
    Otis KPO, LLC
    Oxford Sunergy Ltd
    P3 Wealth Management Limited
    Pacific Alliance Mergers & Acquisitions Limited
    Pacific Capital Management LLC (clone)
    Pacific Tycoon
    Pagani Wealth Management
    Paradigme Consultants
    Paramount Financial Group – Austria
    Parker & Masters LLC
    Pamp Suisse Ltd. (clone)
    P.A.N Securities LP (clone)
    Patrick Francis O’Donnell / Frank O’Donnell
    Pearce & Clarke
    Peekwood Private Trust and Holdings
    Pelican Trading Group
    Perry Capital Limited (clone)
    Peter Daniel Daly (clone)
    Petromex Industries
    Pex Global Inc
    Pharma Holdings Inc
    Phoenix Endeavour
    Phoenix Investments AG
    Pioneer Global Investments (clone)
    Pierce Morgan Capital Management LLC
    Platform Group Legal Services
    Platinum Account Group
    Plus 500 UK (clone)
    Platform Group Legal Services
    Platinum Account Group
    Plus 500 UK (clone)
    Plutus Private Equity LLC
    Pratt International KPO, LLC
    Premier World Financial
    PreMoney Limited
    Prime Management (Clone)
    Prime Solutions Inc
    Prime Strategies LLC (clone)
    Professional Financial Advisors (clone)
    Provost Management
    Prudential Global Group
    PTI Pacific Transfers International
    QS Liberty Funding Corp Ltd
    Quest Financial (clone)
    R J Haynes & Associates
    Rabo Strategies (Clone)
    Rallmark Capital
    Randall & Gibson Partnership
    Redford Securities International
    Regal Capital Group LLC (clone)
    Regal International (clone of FSA agent)
    Regent & Langley Consulting Group
    Registre de Commerce et Securities LUX
    Reliance Asset Management Ltd
    Reliance Capital
    Rendimientos & Plusvalias
    Revendor Management Inc
    Reynolds Consultancy Ltd
    Rice Finance Company
    Richard Adamson (clone)
    Richardson Capital Group – CA
    RG Associates (clone)
    RG-Client (clone)
    Rhaines LLC
    Richards & Company
    Richardson Capital Group
    Richard Ramsden (Clone)
    Richmond Grant & Associates
    Richmond Grant Security & Transfer Inc
    RIG Capital Rainbow Market Group
    RIG Securities Limited
    Riverbrook Capital
    Robert Gold IFA Associates (clone)
    Robinson and Schroder
    Rosenstock Capital
    Rosslin & Wilson Ltd
    Rothman Global
    Royal Alliance (UK) Group
    Royal Green Profits
    Royal Profits
    Rowe Allan Mergers & Acquisitions
    Rubber Research Group
    Russell Acquisition Group
    Russell Merger Group
    Ryan & Mahar LLC
    777binary – Binary Options
    Sulaiman Abu Al-Saud Equity & Financial Group
    Santiago Mergers & Acquisitions
    Salomon & Associates – New York
    Salomon and Tate Consulting
    Scottsdale Capital Consultancy Services
    Scottsdale Capital Consultancy Services
    Secure Insurance (clone)
    Securities and Investments Disputes Agency (SIDA)- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Securities Enforcement Division Asia- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Securities Trading Board – (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Securities Regulation, Protection & Litigation Agency- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Sell and Rent Back Solutions
    Servicios Eurobroker 2011, S.L.
    SCFS Group Limited Shanghai Continental Futures
    Schaeffer Collins
    Sharptext Branch Inc
    Shaw Capital Management
    Shinsei Associates
    Sierra Holdings – Zurich
    Simplon Corporation Trust
    Smart Trade FX Inc
    Smith and Lockhart Associates
    SMO Fitzgerald Global
    SNS Rael Group / SNS Bank (clone)
    SouthEast-Asia Commodities Regulatory Board- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Spectrum Global International
    Spencer and Richardson Financial
    Springhill Group
    Stanley Clifford
    Stanley Morris Cooper / SMC Group
    Stanten Williams
    Starke Wealth
    Steward Stock Transfer
    Stronghold Services (clone)
    S-One Financial
    Solaris Financial Solutions
    Sonata Financial
    South Atlantic Securities (clone)
    SouthEast-Asia Commodities Regulatory Board-(FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Stateside Capital llc
    Sterling Private Equity PLC
    Strauss Jones
    Sterling Alternative Energy Group
    Stern Fisher Edwards Corp.
    S-Trade Inversiones
    Strategic Carbon Solutions Ltd.
    Strategic Management, Inc.
    Strategic Merger Consultants
    Strathclyde Associates
    Stuart Lyall Futures Limited
    Sumitomo Financial Corporation
    Sumitomo Global
    Summit One Financial
    Summit Private Equity LLP
    Sunline Transfer Agents
    Sun-Wealth Corporate Finance
    Sustainable Investments
    Suisse Credit Capital Limited (Clone)
    SWF Investguide Financial Services Inc.
    Swinson Consultancy Firm
    Swiss Financial Corp Limited
    Swiss Financial Services Inc
    Swiss & Global Asset Management
    Swiss Prime Financial Services
    Synergy Capital LLC (clone)
    360 Financial Limited (Clone)
    Taft MacKenzie Ventures
    Tarlin Investment Management
    Tate and Carver Consultancy Group
    TCM Financial (clone)
    Titan Financial Services (clone)
    The Bean Group (UK) Ltd
    The Bradford Group
    The Clayton Group
    The Kronos Group
    The Manhattan Group – Seoul
    The Pension Reviews Company
    The Pinnacle Group
    The QROPS Specialists
    The Tyler Group
    Thomas Capital
    Thompson Associates
    Toma Inkasso s.r.o.
    Thomas Anderson Advisory
    Thompson Gerrard (clone)
    T.M.R. Trading Escrow and Clearing
    TOKAI Global Trading
    TRA (Clone)
    Trader Forex EU
    Trading Coalition
    Transunion Financial
    Trent Consultants Ltd – Seoul
    Treuhand AG
    Trillium Advisory Firm
    Trilogy Investment Funds Plc (clone)
    Trowbridge Capital
    Trucker FX Corporations
    Turner Financial
    Twynham Corporation
    Unicorn Finance Group
    Unique Car Insurance
    Unison Insurance Brokers
    United Advisory Partners
    United World Capital Ltd (Clone)
    Upper East Side Trust Management
    US Regulatory Securities Agency- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    US Securities and Acquisitions Administration- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    Universal Liberty Express Bank
    US International Bureau for Trading- (FICTITIOUS AUTHORITY)
    UST Financial Services Corp
    Vancom Strategies
    Venus Funds
    Ventura Capital Consulting Limited
    Vertical Exploration
    Vintage Wine Investors
    Virdian Ethical Investments
    Vista International Services Limited
    Wallace Jacob Consultants Corporate Services
    Walker Finance Company
    Walter Parker Group
    Walten Pichler
    Walton Johnson & Co Corporate Services
    Wampum Group LLC (clone)
    Warner Abbott
    Washington, D.C. Securities Division
    Washington Exchange and Regulatory Board
    Waytung Global
    Wealth Capital Corp – Hong Kong
    Wealth Management Services Limited
    Weinberg Equity Management
    Welborn Capital Partner Inc (clone)
    Wellington Management Portfolios (clone)
    Wellington Management GmbH (clone)
    Wellington Management
    Welling & Company, LLC
    Wells Capital Management
    Wells Fargo Advisors (Clone)
    Wells Fargo Securities International Limited-Suncor (Clone)
    Wells Financial Holdings Ltd
    Wealth Capital Corp (HK)
    Werner Group International
    West Mill Associates
    Westin International Inc
    Westland Commodities
    Weston and Scott Consultants
    Westton Worldwide M&A Inc
    William Morgan Group
    Wheeler Asset Management
    Whitestone Financial Planning
    William Blair Capital Partners (clone)
    William & Brown Management Group
    William Campbell Company
    Williams Consultancy Limited
    Wilson General Group Ltd
    Winchester Consultancy Group
    Windsor Brokers (clone)
    Win Sec Group (clone)
    Wise Capital Financial Consultants
    Witter Walwyn Overseas Ltd
    Worldwide Investors Portfolio (clone)
    World Wide Financial – Zurich
    WS Financial Planning
    WSEP Services
    New England Private Equity LLC
    Frank Goldenberg Yoshi
    Ocean Mergers & Acquisitions
    Peking Dragon Limited
    Regency Group Inc
    Persist Global Wealth Management
    Feinler Management Group
    Imré Horvath
    Bforex Ltd.
    Rothenburger Emissionshaus
    Summit Capital Management
    Winbase Equities
    Acrus CZ
    MB Transfer
    Limmat Finance AG
    MCI Zurich
    Boston Acquisition Group
    Cartius Finance (clone)
    Feinler Management Group
    Hamilton Davis Group
    Reynolds Merger Solutions
    Nelson Capital Advisors
    Yakamoto Investments
    Spectrum Capital Management
    Secured Forex Promotion & Information GmbH
    The Mergers Group
    HMB Investments
    Leader Option
    SB Offshore
    Alliance Bond
    Allass BVBA Advisory Group
    Blue Ocean Investment Company (clone)
    Cartius Finance
    Fund Logic
    Geneve Invest (Europe) S.a.r.L
    SNS Reaal Group
    GE Capitals
    GE Capital Bank Ltd
    Infinia Securities
    Mayer Thomas
    Persist Global Wealth Management
    Legacy Capital Management
    Sheppard Capital Partners (clone)
    TITAN Financial Services
    United World Capital
    Walker Financial Management


  2. SFA Reporter says:

    2G Scam: Sonata Investment Ltd was part of RADAG: Witness tells court
    PTI Feb 13, 2012, 07.09PM IST

    Swan Telecom|
    Sonata Investment Limited|
    Reliance Power Ltd|
    Reliance ADA group|
    Anil Ambani

    NEW DELHI: A 2G case prosecution witness today told a Delhi court that Sonata Investment Limited, allegedly involved in transfer of funds between Swan Telecom and Reliance ADA group, was a part of the latter but Anil Ambani was not on its board of directors.

    “I am aware of Sonata Investment Ltd. This company is also part of Reliance ADA Group. Sonata Investment Ltd is part of Reliance Energy group. Sonata Investment Ltd is a non-banking finance company.

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    Address lookup

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    Domain Name: UBB.CC
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    Referral URL:
    Updated Date: 2013-02-21T04:23:28Z
    Creation Date: 2000-09-04T03:00:00Z
    Expiration Date: 2013-09-04T03:00:00Z
    Sponsoring Registrar: KEY-SYSTEMS GMBH
    Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 269
    Domain Status: ACTIVE
    Name Server: NS1.DOMAINION.AT
    Name Server: NS2.DOMAINION.AT
    DNSSEC: Unsigned delegation

    >>> Last update of whois database: 2013-06-05T15:29:35Z <<<
    Queried with ""…


    RSP: Richter IS

    owner-contact: WP-1
    owner-organization: c/o Ltd.
    owner-fname: On behalf of
    owner-lname: owner
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    Network Whois record

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    % Information related to ' –'

    % Abuse contact for ' –' is ''

    inetnum: –
    netname: XA-MEDIA-2-NET
    descr: XA-Media, Austria
    country: DE
    admin-c: CR2121-RIPE
    tech-c: CR2121-RIPE
    tech-c: LXOC-RIPE
    status: ASSIGNED PA
    mnt-by: LX-MNT
    changed: 20070221
    source: RIPE

    role: Laxin NOC
    address: Laxin IT-Services GmbH & Co. KG
    address: -Network Operation Center-
    address: Kruppstr. 105
    address: 60388 Frankfurt am Main
    address: Germany
    admin-c: LXDG-RIPE
    tech-c: LXDG-RIPE
    tech-c: LXSB-RIPE
    tech-c: LXMG-RIPE
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    nic-hdl: LXOC-RIPE
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    remarks: | Customers please mail the known addresses or |
    remarks: | call us. Our phone numbers may be found in |
    remarks: | the customer interface. |
    remarks: +———————————————–+
    remarks: | RIPE related stuff: |
    remarks: | Abuse related stuff: |
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    changed: 20050212
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    changed: 20051213
    changed: 20060330
    changed: 20061220
    changed: 20101228
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    person: Christian Richter
    address: Postfach 57
    1037 Wien
    phone: +43 699 81577479
    nic-hdl: CR2121-RIPE
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    % Information related to ''

    descr: Laxin IT-Services GmbH & Co. KG
    origin: AS34549
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    % This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.66.3 (WHOIS2)
    DNS records

    DNS query for returned an error from the server: NameError

    name class type data time to live IN A 3600s (01:00:00) IN SOA
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    3600s (01:00:00) IN NS 3600s (01:00:00) IN NS 3600s (01:00:00) IN A 3600s (01:00:00)
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  4. Stephen Dunphy says:

    Well it appears that the warnings about these fraudsters have been somewhat successful at least. Just like before, when victims managed to spread the word and force the shutdown of and, it looks like the following websites have been pulled by their host (, despite having plenty of time left on their registrations:

    Unfortunately, (a clone of is still up and active, but maybe we can get that site pulled too. They are registered and hosted by which just seems to be a standard reseller.

    As is always the way, these scammers do not give up too easily and they have set up two more websites and Once again they are basically just clones of what the above sites were.

    You have to wonder why, if these were legitimate sites, they need to have so many clones of their sites set up and why their hosts listen to complaints against them and shut them down!

    If anyone from either of the new scam websites or contacts you, be sure to gather as much information as you can about them and post it online so that other innocent people can be saved from being ripped off. No matter what happens DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY. They are con artists and criminals.

    Warning against the scam websites and, they are a criminal organization masquerading as white knights and they will rip you off.

  5. SFA Reporter says:

    Dear Mr. Doughty,

    scamFRAUDalert do not make claims that Encarta Fine Wines Ltd. is a fraudulent company. scamFRAUDalert issue ALERTS to warn the public and companies that an impersonator has stolen their name or brand ​to carry out scams or fraud.

    ​We apologized for the inconvenience this may have caused Encarta Fine Wines Ltd and their customers. We believe the public is best serve by our ALERTS.

    Thank you for contacting us​.


    scamFRAUDalert ​

    to me
    Name: Dean Doughty
    Comment: To Whom it may concern. We notice that on your website you have our company name as a fraudulent company. this is at number 260 on your site. Encarta Fine Wines Ltd.

    We are NOT a fraudulent company, how ever some time ago we were mistaken for one by the FCA here in London who posted a public notice about us. As i mention this was some time ago and after speaking to them at length they removed the post from their website. I assume that you have not removed it from your website.

    Please can you remove this from your website with immediate effect.

    I wait for your reply on this matter, we have our solicitors standing by if you do not remove our company from you list.

    Please email me back asap

    many thanks

    Dean Doughty
    Managing Director
    Encarta Fine Wines Ltd

    Time: May 1, 2014 at 3:53 am
    IP Address:
    Contact Form URL:
    Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

  6. Anon says:

    Recently I lost a lot of money in the markets trading with a dubious company based in USA. Burton Capital Partners is supposedly based in the US (1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10006, United States) and offers mergers and acquisitions and various other investments. I invested a significant amount with this company over the course of a 3 month period – only to find out that it was a scam! I was outraged at Burton Capital Partners, but to be fair I was more furious with myself.

    After a little research I realized that the company’s website had only been registered for around 6 months. This was clearly a scam and I was too blinkered to realize. Now, this is not the whole story, and this is where things get a little bit complicated. When I had an inkling that Burton wasn’t a legitimate broker, I came across a company called Forex Conclusions.

    Forex Conclusions claims to be against dishonest practice and offers a free service to perform reviews and checks on various “boiler rooms” and other companies alike. I could not find any such service anywhere else online so I thought that I might as well give Forex Conclusions a try. After contacting them I was informed that the free service is no longer available…

    Up until now we haven’t charged for doing reviews for our readers, but we have changed this policy. The reason for this is that we receive several requests daily to do reviews of brokers and other financial firms. We just can’t cope with the amount and want to help the readers that need our professional and unbiased reviews the most. This doesn’t mean that we will not be posting warnings and reviews regularly 100% free of charge. We will still keep our readers up to date with warnings from regulators, from our readers and from our own monitoring. We will not charge anything for advise or questions, sent to us by mail or in comments – only for full reviews. We have decided to charge 60 USD for posting a full review. This amount is very, very small compared to losing the money you deposit to a scam broker. We have seen numerous traders being scammed without even knowing it by brokers manipulating prices and using other hard-to-detect practices.

    I thought that the payment of 60 USD was fair enough. However… After various correspondence via email with Forex Conclusions – this secondary scam began to really take place. They gave me a whole load of stories about how they could help me get my money back, which of course, being in a vulnerable position (I’m ashamed to say), I fell for their scam. They had told me that a number of ‘readers’ had been in contact with them regarding Burton Capital Partners and that they were arranging a class action law suit. All telephone conversations were from a blocked number (surprise, surprise!!!).

    For me to participate in the law suit against the banks that Burton Capital Partners had used in order to defraud investors – there were further fees that I was inclined to pay. After doing some further research I found this:-

    and this:-

    and this one asking for $150 instead of $60 (with the same stories):-

    And even a nice video:-

    If you read the comments on this video – you’ll notice that ‘Economic Frauds’ post a long line of comments ‘defending’ themselves – saying that all of the people that have been scammed by them, are in fact, criminals themselves. So it seems that the people who claim to warn people about boiler rooms and investor frauds are in fact FRAUDSTERS themselves.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if all of them are connected and if Forex Conclusions are actually the people behind the initial boiler room scams. There’s plenty more information out there to show that they are all scams. From the ‘whois’ searches that I have now done – it seems convenient or coincidental that ‘’ was only registered at the end of 2013 – around the same time that the other scams had been uncovered.

    My advice from personal experience – if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Don’t make the same mistakes that I did!

    The only good thing that will hopefully come out of this mess – is that my losses might help other people not to lose more money in the future.

    The only enjoyment that I will gain is remaining anonymous online so as to gain more information on these crooks as they continue to try to scam me even more.

    When they eventually stop calling me – I will post all of their correspondence online so as to further warn people against these criminals in the future.

    You may have won the battle BUT THIS IS WAR!

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