scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT as scammers are impersonating J.P. MORGAN CHASE BANK FRAUD DEPARTMENTCHASE

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  1. Steve says:

    i just had a phone call from phone #703-544-2033 telling me that my debit card has been deactivated and to reactivate it to enter my debit card number. i hung up and called the number on the back of my Chase debit card to find out that was a bogus number. i would like this to reach the proper authurities to follow up a prosicute the potential thiefs. you can reach me at 630-244-9416 my name is Steve. These people belong in jail.

    • Angus BEAVERS says:

      Me too. Here is the email address from which the email derived:
      He wrote:

      Dear Chase Customer :

      We want to help keep your account secure so we continuously monitor it for possible fraudulent activity

      We’re writing to verify the transaction On 08/29/2014 was authorized by you or another person, The transaction was against Chase Terms and Use.

      What you need to do now
      * Please visit the Customer Center here login to your Chase online banking
      * Review and enter all billing information carefully, and make sure it is up to date
      * You will receive an email from us in the next 24 hours confirming your transaction
      PLEASE NOTE: failure to enter your billing information before the next working day will lead to your online banking suspension and your account frozen.

      If you have any questions, please call us at 800-772-9621 from the U.S. or Canada. Internationally, you can call us collect at 480-902-7810.

      Thank you for being our customer.

      Chase Fraud Department

  2. Bob Osborne says:

    How do I report fraud email I am receiving concerning a chase card which I do not have. Is there a department I can forward the email to. I have received several of these.

  3. William W. Murphy says:

    A Chase Bank employee stole $1,061.88 cents from me, by cashing 7 U.S. savings bonds.
    My wife accidentally left the envelope containing the bonds out of her safe box. Apparently the bank employee cashed the bonds by forging my signature. The Louisiana drivers license number was fake, phone number wrong. The only correct information for I.D. purposes was my address and checking account number. I received a 1099 form that alerted me that the bonds were cashed in. Since I had never received the money, I knew that someone other than myself had cashed the bonds. If some one other than a bank employee had tried to cash them. the I.D. information would have alerted the employee.

    William W. Murphy – Shreveport, Louisiana

  4. Edward Peretz says:

    I received a phone call from 855-576-4357 ext 320008 saying they are calling about a survey regarding my recent mortgage. I called they said they needed my social security # I told her i wasn’t comfortable giving it out and was then asked for the loan # she was very persistent i said i would call back.

    Edward Peretz -Sun City Az

  5. Capt. Colin Cameron-Tough says:

    The scammers get bolder! ha ha ha.

    ATM Unit.
    1 Chase Manhattan Plaza
    New York, NY 10005
    Tel ; +1-985-510-2033


    Sequel to the last transfer reports conducted generally in Africa and Asia, yours was among the one found inconclusive with the fact that the transfer charge has not been paid by you due to the fact that the charge is very high, Consequent to that, we have finalized to send you a bank to bank transfer so it will reduce the cost of the transfer and at the same time not to be burden for you to receive your fund, the committee of 5 incharge has resolved that this transfer must not exceed 3 working days before it will be effected into your account. Sequel to that, we demand that you kindly reconfirm to us your full bank receiving information, your valid I.D card your correct mailing address and your mobile number immediately to the Director Chase Bank Plz Georgia. Also the fee has been subsidized by the government and you are now to send just $75USD through western union or money gram to the below address in Georgia city and send the information as soon as you send it.

    Name:..Jean Wright
    City:..Jonesboro Georgia
    Zip code:…30236

    We sincerely apologize for the delay and inconveniences it may have caused you note your transfer code is DGEH345.
    If you need any clarification, kindly call us on +1-985-510-2033

  6. Steve F. says:

    Never ending . . . Received this today:

    Dear Esteemed Customer,

    We are unable to activate your account because we have just upgraded our online security parameters to make your Bank account and information more secured from online frauds, so we request that you reconfirm your online Banking details with the one we have on file before you will be able to send and receive money online.

    Your account may be place on restricted status. Restricted accounts continue to receive payments, but they are limited in their ability to send or withdraw funds. To lift this restriction, you need to login into your account (with your username or SSN and your password), then you have to complete our verification process. You must reconfirm your credit card details and your billing information as well. All restricted accounts have their billing information unconfirmed, meaning that you may no longer send money from your account until you have reconfirm your billing information on file.

    Download the attachment Chase Secure Indentification Form to reactivate your Bank account now.

    Thank You.

    Note: Failure to Verify/Confirm Online Banking account within 48hrs may result in further Account Suspend or eventual account closure.

    Sincerely, ………………..
    Thank You
    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC

    © 2014 JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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  7. SFA Reporter says:

    Name: Gloria V

    Email: carsar


    Comment: I received a call from 855-576-4357–from the resolution department at Chase. I called my own bank on division ave in Wyoming mi. They transferred me to a live person. She called, using a three way and inquired why they are calling me. Then she asked for his chase ID and he hung up.

    This happened on Wednesday, Oct 11. I still have my phone message and caller ID. The caller at the above number is Steve Witherspoon at extension 3200024.

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